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About Volkswagens on the Green

The Volkswagen Enthusiast of Colorado car club started in the Denver metro area in 1987.  From the very beginning VWEC has been an active club very supportive of its members and their passion for the VW brand.  VW’s modern and classic have been part of the club scene from the start but classic air cooled VW’s have been the primary focus all these years.

To the left we see the first ever ‘Best in Show’ trophy from the first VWOTG in 1995



THE EARLY YEARS, 1995 to 2003:

In 1995 with the help of sponsors, the club put on the first Volkswagens on the Green (aka VWOTG, aka ‘Green Show’).  The Green Show started as an all VW brand show on the grass at Arapaho Community College.  From the beginning, unpaid volunteers in the club and VW community at large have put the show on in association with many area sponsors who dug deep to support the show.  The early shows quickly grew to 400 bugs, buses, Type III’s, Things and modern VW’s.

From its earliest years, show goers have remarked on the high energy and great vibe at the Green Show.  The show is always in May on the first Sunday after Mother’s day.  Many fans think of the Green Show as the start of summer and the VW event season.  Many people who remember those early shows at ACC are still active in the Colorado VW scene today.  We have interviewed several of those early show goers and asked them to reminisce.  We are told that fans from that era were excited and awe-struck to see so many VW’s of so many descriptions all in one place in the relaxed, scenic environment a grassy venue offers.  Word about the show spread rapidly allowing it to grow from year to year.  Besides all of that eye candy, the Green Show has been bringing people together for almost a quarter century.  Countless numbers of people have met other like-minded people at the show.  Lifelong friendships have formed at the Green Show.   Many people who have a VW now didn’t know they wanted one until they attended the Green Show!  The show has opened VW lovers’ eyes and inspired imaginations for almost a quarter century.  There are so many ways you can restore, improve and modify a Volkswagen modern or classic.  Many show winning cars started with an inspired spark kindled at a ‘Green Show’.



The shows middle years were drought years in Colorado.  Regardless of the irony, the Green Show never dropped ‘Green’ from its name during this decade of VWOTG of parking lot shows.  Even on asphalt, the show featured as many as 500 vehicles.  Also in these ‘dry’ years the show maintained its reputation as a high-energy feel-good celebration of the Volkswagen brand.  In these middle years, the Green Show added sister brands Porsche and Audi but Volkswagens have always dominated Volkswagens on the Green.


VWOTG 2014 to TODAY:

With the dry spell behind Colorado, the Green show returned to its roots (couldn’t resist that pun!) when Clement Park in Littleton CO allowed the club to rent two soccer fields for the show.  The 2018 show is confirmed for Clement Park on May 20th !!  At the show, Show Sponsor displays line up along the central grassy mall with cars parked east and west of this walkway on the grass.   Volkswagen people are an inclusive sort.  You don’t have to have a show car to park on the grass at the Green Show!!  We love our VW’s warts and all.  Show goers will be glad to hear that you can either: 1) Pay to show your car to compete for a trophy, or 2) You can pick ‘Preferred Parking’.  With PP, you be able to park on the grass with the show cars.  With PP, you are not competing for a trophy but you are ‘On the Green’ for less than half the price of a show car.  Vendors feature everything from tie-dyed shirts to off road parts.   The swap meet is large and well attended.  Get your caffeine fix at the mobile ‘coffee bug’ then grab some BBQ or street tacos for lunch.  Visit with friends over lunch in the picnic area.  The club has a canopy in the center of the show where you can get your questions answered and register your show car.  Many active club members joined at the club canopy at the Green Show.  A definite high point of the show is the mid-day trophy presentation.  Over 30 trophies are awarded every year to recognize your love for this awesome brand its sister German brands!!


Trophy Classes 2018


  • 1 Convertible / Stock All Years Judged
  • 2 Bug / Stock; Split /Oval Judged
  • 3 Bug / stock; 58-64 Judged
  • 4 Bug / stock; 65-67 Judged
  • 5 Bug / stock; 68-77 Judged
  • 6 Super Beetle / Stock or Custom 71-77 Judged
  • 7 Ghia / Stock; All Years Judged
  • 8 Bus, Camper, Pickup Stock 49-67 Split Window Judged
  • 9 Bus, Camper, Pickup Stock 68-79 Bay Window Judged
  • 10 Bug Custom 58-64 Judged
  • 11 Bug Custom 65-67 Judged
  • 12 Bug Custom 68-77 Judged
  • 13 Ghia Custom All Years Judged
  • 14 Bus, Camper, Pickup; Custom 49-67 Split Window Judged
  • 15 Bus, Camper, Pickup; Custom 68-79 Bay Window Judged
  • 16 Air Cooled Daily Driver All Years Judged
  • 17 Type Ill All Years Judged
  • 18 Thing All Years Judged
  • 19 Off Road, Baja, Sandrail Judged
  • 20 MKI & MK2 / Golf, Convertible, GTI, Cabrio, Jetta Judged
  • 21 MK3 & MK4 / Golf, GTI, Cabrio, Jetta Judged
  • 22 MK5 & MK6 / Golf, GTI, Cabrio, Jetta Judged
  • 23 R32/R; 2004, 2008, 2012+ Judged
  • 24 Scirocco & Corrado All Years Judged
  • 25 New Beetle 1998-2011 Judged
  • 26 New Beetle 2012+ Judged
  • 27 B5, B6, B7 Passat & CC All Years Judged
  • 28 Vanagon & Eurovan All Years Judged
  • 29 Best Patina, All Makes, All Years Water-cooled or Air-cooled Popular Vote
  • 30 Best in Show, Volkswagen, All Years Water-cooled or Air-cooled, People's Choice Popular Vote
  • 31 Going the Distance
  • 32 Best in Show, Porsche 356 All Years Judged
  • 33 Best in Show, Porsche 911 All Years Judged
  • 34 Best in Show Porsche 914 All YearsJudged
  • 35 Best in Show Porsche OPEN CLASS All Years Popular Vote
  • 36 Best in Show, Audi, All Years, People's Choice Popular Vote



** Please note that if it rains show will go on but their will be NO Preferred Parking due to space only for Show Cars.**


$10 Preferred Parking

Back by popular demand! Eligible Vehicles: Any VW  w/ Air-cooled or water cooled engine, Porsches that have Air-cooled engines, and Audi’s.

Preferred Parking allows you to park on the grass next to the show cars for a reduced fee. Why waste your eligible vehicle in the parking lot? Show it off in Preferred Parking and have the convenience and security of having your car close at hand.

Follow signs the day of the show to Preferred Parking. Also, gate staff can guide you.

There is no pre-registration or reservation for Preferred Parking so get there early, space is on a first come first served basis. Preferred parking does sell out!


Free Parking:

There is free parking in the boomerang-shaped lot east of the show at Pierce and Bowles. It is about a quarter mile walk from there to the show. Consider Preferred Parking so you can park IN the show on the grass where you can see your car and have easy access to it.



Did you park in a fire lane?

  1. You will be towed promptly without notice. Why? the Fire Department is watching the show, we don’t want to be shut down.
  2. Call Lyons Towing to get your car back (720) 309-5389. You are liable for damage and all fees.
  3. Parking at Columbine Library west of the show may get you towed as well.


Misc Show Info


The show goes on rain or shine. If you pay to register a show car and you don’t show up for any reason, even weather, there will not be a refund.

 **** If Field is too wet Show will moved to Parking lot****

Show etiquette:

Club members work for six months to put on a show that lasts six hours. Please be respectful and courteous in your dealings and we will do the same. Please discuss problems with us at the club canopy.

The VWEC.org car club respects other car brands and the people who love them. The people who do all work own the show. If you don’t see your brand or model represented among the Eligible Vehicles, please contact us.


Do not touch a Show Car without permission. Be careful leaning over a show car. Buttons and zippers can scratch an expensive paint job.


Can I reserve space for my group in the show? In the morning, show volunteers are too busy to manage this but the answer is simple. If you want to park with your club or friends, do both of these: arrive together and early. How early is early? If you are queued up by 7am, this will probably work.

Sales in Preferred Parking or the Show Car areas are not allowed. Please keep it to your purchased vendor lot.

Can I put up my club banner? VWEC Car Club is proud of our on-going good relationships with area car clubs. Of course you may promote clubs other than VWEC, as long as you are not selling club merchandise. You may sign up members at our show. If you are putting on a show later in the summer, bring your fliers to the club canopy. We will make them available to the public.


Do not place any fliers on Show Cars, cars in the Preferred or the Free Parking areas. Bring your fliers to the Club Canopy. We are happy to display them at our tables.


We have a Bus Row and a Porsche Row. If you drive either of these vehicles, we will try to group you in these rows. All other groups are open, there is no Ghia, Type 3, Type 4, or Thing Row.



  • Pay attention to signs and painted curbs! If you block a fire lane, we will tow you without notice. Please pay attention to this. We really don’t want to ruin your show experience. The Fire Department will be inspecting the show so help us out please.
  • Canopies at the show must be properly weighted, no exceptions.
  • UAV’s or drones at the show: NOT ALLOWED Per Park RULES
  • Well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome! Please clean up after your dog.


Day of show currency policy:

  • Show cars, Swap Meet Space, and Preferred Parking, cash only paid at the gate.
  • Cash and plastic are accepted at the club canopy for merchandise.
  • No checks are accepted at the gate or at the club canopy.
  • Vendors currency acceptance can vary by vendor.


Nearby ATM locations: Google Map Nearby ATM's





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